Our Program ‘Skillovation’ that will enrich newly hired employees with the knack of Soft Skills and Microsoft Office Competencies. This program ensures to elevate their level of proficiency. It will help each employee to become a diligent professional.

Subsequent to their joining day, employees will be imbibed with:

Soft Skills

  • Professional Attitude and Etiquette
  • Goal Setting & Time Management
  • Art of Power Dress and Corporate Styling
  • Influential Meeting Etiquette
  • Professional & Assertive Communication
  • Writing Professional Emails
  • Working in Collaboration
  • Telephone and Conference Etiquette
  • Enhancing Customer Experience

Microsoft Office

  • MS Excel (Intermediate)
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Presentation Skills
  • MS Outlook

Program Trail-blaze - aspire; acquire; achieve.

This program is exclusively design for first time managers and supervisors, aspiring and soon-to-be-promoted managers or supervisors OR experienced supervisors with little or no formal supervisor training.

Duration: 2 Days. Location: Off-site

Program Learning:  This program would help the professionals in the Transition Process from earlier being an individual contributor to now a manager or a supervisor.

Why is it imperative for the first-time managers or aspiring managers to experience this program?

  • This program helps the managers/ supervisors to learn the significance of adaptability to change.

  • They will be trained to set the goals for their respective teams considering the organization’s growth prospects.
  • This program helps them in gaining the knack of taking an ownership and delegating the responsibilities to the team in the most proficient way.
  • Managing Up and Managing down: it is imperative that every first-time manager must know or foresee certain challenging situations or conflicts which may involve his team members and his manager at the same time. This program can prove out to be the tool to prepare them and help them in resolving such conflicts.
  • This program widens the horizon while learning the concept of‘Coaching & leadership’.
  • This program helps the first-time managers to have a knack of constructive feedback for praising and reprimand to their team.
  • Going through this program will help them in drafting an effective plan of action for improvement.
  • It makes them go through the process to direct, guide and redirect as a first-time manager/ supervisor while handling the team.
  • It will help them to learn the team dynamics as a management skill.
  • As a first-time manager, it is recommended to deal with the professional relationships and rapport building. This program will help them to learn the techniques for the same. 


What your employees craved for during their professional life; Let them know that you have carved it for them; by rewarding your employees our one-day exclusive program 'Wishful‘ .

Reward them;

A day that they deserve;
A day to create indelible memories;
A day where your employees will find

  • No strain to check or respond to the emails.
  • No hassle to attend or receive calls.
  • No connectivity to internet.
  • No constant target pressures.
  • No access to social media.

With this one day workshop, Team BroSis would want your employees

  • To live a few hours which they can spend solely with themselves.
  • To write and create their own stories.
  • To let them pursue their passion alongside.
  • To communicate and know people without judging.
  • To experience their moment of interest.

For this one day; let them be what they wish to be !