Corporate Training Programs - Soft Skills & Business Management

1. Conflict Management:

Resolving Team Conflicts and Situation Handling: Our expert trainers conduct one-one-one sessions, with an aim to help organizations in solving the Team Conflicts. They involve employees in mind mapping to understand their core issues/ grievances and providing effective resolutions. This program endorses the high effectiveness for Inter-Personal Skills, Team Dynamics and Development. It helps in crafting the positive ambiance and rapport building within the team. Factors building trust with in team members.

2. Interpersonal Skills & Relationship Building

The Focus of this program is to build positive & professional relationships at workplace. This program helps the employees to deal with ego hassles and other behavioral challenges within the team. The prime objective of this program is to enhance the inter-personal skills amongst the employees. Effective ways to build rapport with Team: Learn behaviors that support or undermine your relationships. It deals with Significance of Empathetic Level in strengthening the professional relationships.

3. Working in Collaboration

As a professional, it is effortless to work and contribute individually. However, it is equally imperative to work in collaboration. This program makes it easy for you to adapt the team culture, modify yourself, yet without losing the significance of being an individual contributor. You work as and within the Team. It emphasis as how effectively one can achieve the team goals and organizational goals while working in collaboration.

4. Sales Excellence

Along with the sales professionals/divisions, our sales program is drafted in such way that even no- sales employees can be a sales enthusiast. This program injects the basic and advance level of selling skills within the employees. It deals with the entire Business Development process, from pitching the client to accurate probing for understanding the needs of the customers, presentation of the services to negotiation skills to closing the deal to do follow-ups, this program takes the employees through the entire Sales cycles. This is one our highest selling programs where our subject matter experts customize the session to meet the accurate training objective.

5. Customer Service & Delight

While dealing with service or product provider, the client has certain expectations. How efficiently a provider satisfies the customer, depends on the effectiveness of the customer service. The prime objective of this program is to enhance the customer service skills of the employees. During this program, we share cognitive tools and techniques to enhance enlighten our candidates with the fact that it is imperative to go beyond and above the customer’s expectations while providing the services. This will make them delighted.

6. Handling Customer Complaints & Objections

Techniques to be applied to handle customer created objections. Our Trainers share distinctive customer service scenarios and situations so that trainees should learn how to deal with numerous objections, challenges, and complaints. It is important to understand that how a professional should behave in specific situations.

7. Adaptability to Change

Change is an unavoidable and inevitable element at a workplace, Yet sometimes challenging to adapt the dynamic process. However, our trainers make it easy for your employees by inculcating the benefits of adaptability to change and the essence of the dynamic culture of your organization. This program focuses on the need for change at all the levels in the system. It share the significance to adapt the Changing dimensions of the organization and culture process. our trainers would prepare your employees for change and make it an immaculate transition. Handling unexpected demands and responding it pro-actively.

8. Problem Solving

Rather than stuck into problems, as professionals, it is imperative to have a solution seeking attitude. Focus is certainly enhancing the qualities of the Solution Seeker. And Through technical and analytical tools, Our expert team of trainers helps professionals to identify the root cause of the problems relevant to Procedure, People, policies, and place with an intention to solve it.

9. Strategic Decision Making

Going for this session will help you to learn fundamentals of a strategic decision-making and the perspective with which these decisions are made. As professionals, it’s an integral part of understanding the factors reflecting the decision making. It helps to learn insightful and efficient ways of arriving at a decision and the Output

10. First-Time Managers Program

Team BroSis is elated to introduce an exclusive program for the First Time Managers, appending the professional value in their transition process from being an Individual Contributor to now Aspiring / First-Time Managers. The Keystones of this program would be:

  • This program helps in defining the Team KRA’s ( Key Result Areas) and setting the team goals.
  • The knack of ownership and delegating the responsibilities.
  • Concept of ‘Coaching & Leadership’.
  • The knack of constructive feedback for praising and reprimand to their team.
  • To direct, guide and redirect as a first-time manager/ supervisor for building rapport.

11. Leadership & Delegation:  Specifically Designed for the Managers or leaders

The Prime Focus of this program would be to understand the Situational Leadership style according to the maturity of the team members .Delegating the work with effective and maturity level of the team . Understanding the pre-work required for effective delegation .Factors to consider in ensuring that the delegation yields positive outcomes. This program shares the Team Guidance Approach – Tell , Show , Do Method. That can be well incorporated in the Result Driven Approach.

12. Goal Setting and Time Management:  The prime objective of this program would be to enlighten the professionals in:

  • Setting the Value for Goals & Correct Planning
  • Collaborating the Individual, Team and Organization’s Goal through SMART GOALS Technique
  • Significance of Performing each role and responsibility  with commitment
  • Tools and Techniques to Overcome the Barriers of Procrastination while managing Time
  • The Eisenhower Prioritizing & Decision Matrix   Urgent and Important Tasks
  • Significance of To-Do List for Time Management
  • An effective way of drafting & preparing To-Do List with Prioritizing

13. Influential and Effective Email Writing

‘Writing an email is an art. To validate this phrase, Team BroSis has designed this advanced level program for writing effective emails where the keystones and learning for professionals would be:

  • Professional  & Formal Structure of an email – Hourglass Structure
  • Formulation of the content/body of an email
  • Positive Sentence formation with assertive and polite tone
  • Professional Interpretation of an email
  • Identifying & avoiding the human errors while composing professional emails
  • Writing and discussing emails on distinctive situations in professional life
  • Challenges & Issues professionals encounter while writing emails
  • Discussing the email samples

14.Professional Communication Skills

For this program, Team BroSis will work closely with your employees and do:

  • Mind Mapping of the employees to assess the Challenges or Barriers for Effective Professional Communication
  • Ways and Methods to overcome the barriers of effective communication
  • Tools and Techniques to evolve in professional communication

This program helps your employees in making them proficient in professional communication. The prime focus of this program would be:

  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Significant Elements of Verbal Communication Skills at workplace
  • Phrases & Sentence Formation
  • Impact of Correct articulation, Tone, Pace and clarity on understanding and response from people
  • Correct usage of Professional Vocabulary & Relevant power words

Professional (English Proficiency) for Workplace:

  • While communicating with Seniors
  • While communicating with Peers and subordinates
  • Group Communication Skills
  • To increase self-awareness and maximize communication effectiveness.

15. Grammar Proficiency

The focus of this program would be Identify the current skill level of Grammar, Describe guidelines for the following parts of speech and its usage, Nouns, Pronouns, Verb, Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions, Transitive Active / Passive Voice, Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement, Conjunctions and Punctuation.

16. Pronunciation & Articulation Skills

Through this program, our team of experts will enhance the articulation skills of your employees. Our Trainers would help the participants to understand:

  • Consonant Sounds: Identify the correct way to articulate consonant sounds
  • Vowel Sounds – Monophthongs - Technical word practice
  • Vowel Sounds – Diphthongs
  • Syllable Stress Rules: To help participants correct their pronunciation
  • Intonation: Impact of intonation on communication and Word stress Rules:   Tone / Volume / Rate of Speech

17. Assertive Communication

The objective of this program to enlighten the professionals about the communication behavior pattern. It defines the significance of the assertive communication and how to apply it with a high degree of effectiveness. It would help the employees to communicate with such efficiency so that person on the listening side would not feel offended.  It deals with the role of being assertive, passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviors of the professionals. Highlighting the importance of appropriate responses; choosing & using the accurate phrases while resolving issues. Execution of Positive mirroring while communication and Correct Vocabulary & relevant power words for influential communication.

18. Listening Skills

This training program deals with:

  • Challenges / Barriers for attentive listening.
  • How to overcome the barriers of listening.
  • Significance of Attentive listening.
  • Different Types of Listening.
  • Elements of comprehension: effective tool to improvise listening  skills.
  • How listening skills help in relationship building & empathizing.

 19. Leadership Skills

This program deals with the components of Being Leader in an efficient and effective way while making the professionals learn the different styles of leadership. The Prime focus world is to imbibe the professionals with numerous leadership tools and techniques so that these leaders can handle the team in the best possible way according to the situations and theories they would learn during this session. Participants would manage to discover their own leadership style and understand to inculcate in the process according to the situations.

 20. Professional Attitude & Confidence Building

This program imbibes the significance of professional attitude amongst the employees. It is imperative to understand the right attired at workplace, while dealing with your team. The positive attitude is the foundation of thecareer enhancement skills.

21. Conference Etiquette

In the dynamic scenario of a corporate and professional world, It is essential to have the knowledge about each element involved.  Conference calls have become an integral part of our professional routine. And they have their own code of conduct and ethics, which are imperative to be followed. Our Trainers will explain the entire conference call process.

  • Pre-Planning to the preparation of the agenda.
  • Way of introducing yourself your team members.
  • Procedure to discuss the purpose with much clarification.
  • Expressing the opinions in an assertive way.
  • How to paraphrase the calls.

This complete session will make the employees proficient in hosting, attending and making professional conference calls.

22. Meeting Etiquette

This session focuses on the presentation skills of a professional as how to present yourself in a most graceful manner while attending internal and client meetings. This session deals with:

  • Influential Meeting Etiquette and Behavior.
  • The Art of Handshakes.
  • Ways to exchange business cards.
  • Placement of your belongings in meeting room.
  • How to address everyone.
  • Accurate Body Language.
  • Avoiding common blunders during the meeting.
  • Presentation Skills.

23.Presentation Skills

While Presenting your services and products to the clients, Professionals should be aware of the code of conduct and stages to be followed. It is imperative to have a clarity of the purpose before going for the presentation. This session prepares an employee for:

  • Creation of PPT
  • Opening of the meeting and presentation
  • How to Engage audience
  • Probing
  • Accurate Body Language
  • Closed-ended and open ended questions
  • Objection Handling / Convincing
  • Closure

 24. Telephone Etiquette

  • Preparation to be done before making calls,
  • What rules to be followed while making calls
  • How effectively follow ups take an important role while building a relationship with clients.

This entire program tells how essential is to understand the calling ethics and relevant etiquette at a workplace.

25. Corporate Styling, Power Dress, and Grooming Standard

Presenting yourself at the workplace is the reflection of your personality. The Focus of this program would be Corporate styling and Power Dress of the employees where subject matter experts explain the significance of styling yourself gracefully at the workplace with the substance of power dress and accurate color combinations. And, how styling is directly proportional to boost up your confidence. Alongside, it is essential to follow the correct the grooming standards according to the organization culture.

26. Mind Mapping & Assessment

It’s a career enhancement skill program where our trainers work very closely with organizations and understand the competency gaps. It’s a one-on-one session Each employee is been given individual attention to work on their skills. It’s a customized program and designed only after the Pre-evaluation takes place.

27. Train The Trainer Program: Program is customized for all the aspiring or Professional Trainers, to upgrade their Training Skills.

  • The knack of Facilitation: Elements of High-quality trainer.
  • Planning the module and prepare the presentation.
  • Methodology: Energy quotient: the base of Successful Training.
  • Various Training Aids: Corporate Case Studies, Role Plays, Visual & Audio Aids.
  • Effective ways: To connect with your trainees-Dealing with difficult trainees with positive attitude.

28. Corporate Personality Development Program

10 days program, dealing with the entire personality development of an individual, making him eligible to work as a professional. Usually, this program is conducted for the GET’s or aspiring professionals.

29. Performance Enhancement

Our Seniors trainers help and guide the employees in enhancing their performance while conducting the intriguing session, involving technical and cognitive tools. This session is one of its kind where set up of the session is more of a discussion format. The ideology behind this set up is to share an at ease ambiance with professionals, giving them more space than usual. This way trainer would understand their challenging points. The instant result driven approach is been followed by this program.

30. Negotiation Skills 

The keystones of this program is to make the professionals aware about the numerous elements involved in a negotiation from start to finish; considering what distinctive approaches to be followed while conducting the negotiation. It can be reflected while an employee is negotiating while dealing with the clients on presenting the products and services. Or, It can Negotiate skills are required to be incorporated at the workplace while managing a deal or handling issues/conflicts within the team.

31. Global Culture

This program is specifically designed to deliver at the organizations who have their clients based globally. This program will make their employees aware of communication, time, uniqueness, observance to rules, status differences globally. Basic guidelines to help cross-cultural communication. An understanding of Cultural conditioning and Ice-Berg model is an integral part of this session.

32. Stress Management

This is a customized drafted program where our trainer meets the client for the pre-assessment to understand the factor or identify the triggers that may cause stress at the organization level and at an individual level. The Pre-assessment revolves around the stress driven situations to understand the pain points of the client and its team. Considering that, our team works on the challenges, understand the root causes and then analysis process takes place, hence,  managing the stress elements for the client. It deals with all the professional issues and resolving it with cognitive and behavioral based intriguing discussion.

33. Creativity

The entire session would be imbibed with Creativity and Innovative Activities, using the Creative Tools and Techniques to stimulate the:

  • Innovative way of thinking to inculcate the new ideas into the business
  • Metaphorical Thinking
  • Kipling Method
  • Reversal Tools
  • The Checklist
  • The Six Hats
  • The Painting
  • Picture Association
  • Change Perspective

Corporate Induction Program

A welcoming program for the new joiners to usher them into the new surroundings with professionalism that is warm and light. Making the new employees familiar with their profile, process, people and premises, this program teaches them ‘What to Expect’ and ‘What to Give’ in their first jump-start of career.

  • Key Result Areas & Process
  • People and Premises
  • Organization Culture
  • Team Building
  • Professional Etiquette

Campus To Corporate

A well-furnished program for job-aspirants who have just completed their education and are about to have their first corporate stint. Divided into 4 very extensive aspects, this program is the first step to the corporate ladder.

  • Professional Grooming
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivational Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills

The-Trainer-In-You Workshops

Corporate Trainer as Career

Fancy a career in the Training & Development, but don’t know how to go about it? Aspirants who have a knack for people and teaching are trained under this program about the nuances of being a Trainer. The program includes Presentation Skills, Extempore, Communication Skills, Research & Development, Industry Specific Learning and much more.

 Train the Trainer Programs

A skilled Trainer is always on the lookout to better himself. The search to find something new and interesting to teach always bothers a Trainer. The delivery skills of the seasoned Trainers are polished in this program. The program includes

  •     Assessment Mapping
  •     Feedback Evaluation
  •     Methodology Betterment
  •     Industry Up-gradation
  •     The Knack of Facilitator on-Elements of High-quality trainer
  •     The content & module preparation
  •     Corporate case studies,role plays,visual & audio aids
  •     Effective ways to engage & involve trainees
  •     Handling challenging situations & trainees with positive attitude

IT Skills Development

We understand how vital it is to be constantly updated in the technological domain. And thus, we bring to you a highly updated, reformed and knowledge-brimming sessions on various aspects of Information Technology. Sessions that are not only technologically advanced but crisp and easy to grasp too. Offering various courses, methodological sessions and customized workshops on:

  •     MS Excel (Basic + Advance)
  •     MS Word
  •     MS PowerPoint
  •     Presentation Skills
  •     MS Outlook
  •     MS Access
  •     Dashboard
  •     Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

As Training Consultant

We collaborate with various organization as a Training Consultant and work as an external resourceon the complete training process comprised of:                                                      

  • Identifyingand Evaluation of the Competencies forthe employees
  • Training need Analyzation / Training Need Identification
  • One on One Discussions with each department for Pre-Evaluation Process
  • Strategizing and Recommendation of the training Modules
  • Instructional Design and Development of the Training Content
  • Delivery of the Training
  • Post Assessment and Evaluation

As Content Developer

We create and develop Training content which can effectively be incorporated withinthe Organizations internal Learning & Development division. The Content Includes:

  • Training Presentations
  • Session Planner
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Corporate Case Studies
  • Participant’s Workbooks
  • Training Games & Activities
  • Analogies & Case Studies

As Sales & Business Consultant

Under this program, our expert & certified employees work exclusively with an internal sales team of an Organization and design the business strategies

  • Building sales strategies, helping in enhancing sales
  • Business Development Cycle for the Organization
  • Retention of the existing Clients
  • Training on fetching up a Business & new clients
  • Developing SOP’s and incorporating in to the business