Overcoming ‘The Fears’ : THEN not so confident girl is NOW a Diligent Professional

She was immersed in a laptop. The silence so was conspicuous, that she could easily hear the ticking sound of the seconds hand on her clock, placed at her workstation. However, it’s the sound of a clock pendulum that got her attention ,indicating it’s 3:00 am , and there’s lot more to do before she can deliver the final presentation during tomorrow’s meeting.While accumulating a few more relevant points to the PowerPoint presentation, she picked her cup of tea & tried to sip when she realized ,it is nothing but mutated to chilled black water.
As she comprehended , It’s been five hours at length and amidst she has not taken a single break. Hence, she went to the open cafeteria located at the office terrace.

She was instantaneously lightened up with the cool night breeze. Standing and enjoying her sip of steaming Darjeeling tea, and gazing the moon.
The moon was dazzling and she suddenly found herself strolling down the memory lane. She still visibly remembers the first few client meetings of her career crammed with blunders.
The reason could be ‘ not so committed and convinced professional’ then girl who;

• Had shaky confidence while delivering presentations
• Crazed with all the fears , right from the fear of failure to the fear of rejection to fear of confrontation.
• Enraged the clients by vaguely solving their queries
• Sometimes failed to communicate her own opinions

Today, she has entered into her twelfth year of professional life with much pride. Each year helped her to be a go-getter, secured and diligent professional.
However, during her corporate journey, a few crucial and conscious decisions helped her to achieve all those perennial milestones.

• The Decision of being self-propelled
• The Decision of following the path of perseverance
• The Decision of learning from the inaccuracy and practicing it till it turns into faultless
• The Decision of enlightening herself with the relevant knowledge from all the accessible platforms and
• The Decision of incorporating the learning into the professional life.

And, today, Ms.Riya Jaiswal , holding the designation of Vice-president at her current job, entered into her twelfth year of professional life with much pride.

since her, decisions acted as a foundation for achievements and helped her to establish
• The Clarity of thoughts
• The command over her beliefs.
• The way to express her opinions and communicate seamlessly.

Hence, she did pan out as a confident professional, where all her fears evaporated with time. She experienced the transition.

It was her last sip of Darjeeling tea. The moon was still shining ,bright. closely akin to her thoughts, the much-elated thoughts !

How to Build an Impressive Rapport in Office

1.     Work on your Look: Looking Good is not only for dates but for work too. A well-ironed crisp colloared shirt with matching neatly draped trousers works wonders for your first impression at office. Keeping a neat, overall look help you be appealing to others

2.     Initiate: A smile or a handshake first offered from your end would do no harm, instead would open many doors for great acquaintanceship. It gives an impression that you are open and appealing.

3.     Empathy: Always empathize at the slightest provocation. Whether a colleague has lost his mobile-phone or a boss-bashing episode or maybe when a fellow-worker is upset due to some personal reasons, always offer a shoulder to cry on. Remember a friend in need is a friend in deed.

4.     Happy to Help: Ponder over on these words very very articulately. In a same building, same atmosphere, there are many needing some help or the other. Be the first one to offer help always. Who knows when you would require dire help anytime soon. Makes you approachable and win many brownie points too

5.     Believe in your Work: Last but not the least, your work always speaks for yourself. Work hard and to the extent to set an example for others. Make your work shine and inspire others with your work.



Guneet Kaur