When College Friends dreamt Corporate

When College Friends dreamt Corporate

Location: North Campus, Delhi University

As a Delhi University student,you are expected to bunk classes, roam around and enjoy the delicious food from the various campus canteen. Simply make every casual discussion a special one and just when you realize that the semester is about to get over, you start collecting notes from all the college geeks and lastly get them xeroxed cover to cover @ 10paise per page. Basically; you are expected to do just everything possible on this earth, except attending your lectures and still never fall short of attendance. (Yes, proxy attendance was a savior). Four of us, Bhawna Arya, Guneet Kaur, Manpreet Kaur and Shubhi Aggarwal are proud to announce that we have always lived up to these expectations.

Time : 2.30 pm

Year : Dec, 2004

Location : New Delhi

This One Day,

We all were sittingoutside Khalsa College, having ‘THE WORLD FAMOUS’ Sev-Puri and Lemon Soda from a very popular ‘ Roadside SevPuri walein Bhaiya’ .That was actually, our everyday lunch and boy, we never ever get bored of it during our three years of Graduation. It was a usual morning, we did not attend a single lecture and plain-sitting but discussing nothing. Hours passed, but none of us uttered a single word. So, it was surely not a usual day. By the look of our faces, one could make out that we all were trapped in some gripping thought. The thought; that after a few months, we might not see each other every day; might not able be able to create memories out of nowhere, that this every day meeting would be henceforth once in a week or may be once in a month. We were in our last year of college and were about to hold a prestigious Graduate degree. And from there, we would face an altogether new set of responsibilities and challenges, not together but independently. Be it going for Post Graduate Diplomas or any other professional courses, we all have some aims to achieve and for that we plan to move forward into different directions, enrolling for diverse fields through which we would eventually achieve our respective goals.

We knew that our connection, our love, our relationship towards each other would certainly not end and we were matured enough to accept this but certainly not strong enough to handle it without getting emotional.

This very feeling and thought of not being by each other’s side every single day; had made us silent. And then all of a sudden, we all saw a shrewd and a witty smile on Guneet’s face. We could see a certain spark and excitement in her eyes. And; we were like, “Dude, what are you upto’’?

Finally; she broke the ice and said, ‘’Guys! Lets Visualize, few years from now, when we will be done with our further studies, when we have already made a mark in corporate world in our respective fields at higher designations and the who knows that we might form our own venture. Something; where Shubhi would be handling all the analytical aspects of the venture because that’s what she loves to do, Manpreet would be involved with Sales and Customer Service Department in the Organization as that’s what she always aimed for, Bhawna would be handling the entire Content as she loves to write and I would be following my passion of doing Marketing & Branding for our firm. Imagine, we all will be sitting in board rooms, wearing corporate suits, building strategies , discussing work ,delegating professional responsibilities and working on our dream projects.’’ And before she could complete her last sentence, we all screamed, clapped and jumped out of excitement and hugged each other.

This very thought of hope, positive vision, thought of working together brought a smile on our faces. With this great smile and vision, we stepped into the college ‘Together’ and attended our last lecture of the day.

Time : 4.30 pm

Year : March , 2015

Location : New Delhi

It would be a lie if I would say that we have not changed, Of course, with time. Our priorities have surely changed, We as an individuals are changed.


We four, Bhawna Arya Bajaj, Guneet Kaur, Manpreet Kaur and Shubhi Aggarwal, sitting at a buzzing Delhi café; are discussing business deals, building professional strategies wearing corporate suits. Officially, Two of us are Co-founders of a firm now and logically, the rest two are partners and playing their respective parts in it as volunteers.

Yes! Few things which remain unchanged since December 2004, is surely the vision with which we entered our Lectures that last day.

Today we realized, that we could convert them all in to reality just because

We saw a dream And We lived it 

We visualized our thoughts And We built them

We believed in our abilities And We made efforts

We fought we argued And We sorted it out

We trusted each other

And did it!

What matters most is --


Written by : Manpreet Kaur

Edited By : Guneet Kaur

Validated by : Bhawna Arya Bajaj & Shubhi Aggarwal