5 Ways to Get Out of the Wrong Job


1.       Realize: Recognizing and realizing that you are really caught at the dead-end is a great task in itself. Use our 5 Point Analyzer to know if you are in the wrong job

2.       Do a SWOT Analysis: Make a List of your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats related to your current job while comparing it the next best alternative or where your heart is.

3.       Find Your Calling: Recognize your potentials and capabilities and find out with the help of peers, some experts or some online tools what suits you best. You can do an Aptitude Test, a Mock Interview or even a Written Exam

4.       Ask Others if You Have Made a Valuable Contribution: If you would have loved your job, you must have done something concrete to have motivated others. Ask your colleagues, take referrals and even a survey isn’t a bad idea to make the society a part of this important decision.

5.       Finish Pending Tasks: When you have decided to end your days of meaningless struggle, then make sure you finish all your pending tasks and leave no room for ambiguity.


Author: Guneet Kaur