How to portray a Professional Body Language at Work:5 Easy Steps

1. Correct Posture - a well defined posture which means sitting or standing erect with your back straight is a sign of good grooming and body language. It portrays confidence, determination and seriousness at workplace besides making you more pleasant and appealing.  Whereas a slouchy posture makes you look dull and disinterested giving an image of unprofessionalism at workplace

2. A firm Handshake: always try and hold a hand tight that you are about to shake. Whether in meetings or daily greeting at office a firm handshake conveys smartness and professionalism

3. Smiling only when Appropriate -Greeting every one with a smile at workplace is good but every one with a smile every now and then is considered a sign of loose/unprofessional attitude which seems more interested in gossip and talks rather than work

4. Not fiddling with pen or stationary: attend your meetings/conferences with your mind totally on the agenda. A restless hand or body actions like fiddling with table stationery or checking your mobile often are serious body language offences to commit. The more you stay away from such things at work, the more you will be able to concentrate on the job in hand thereby displaying utmost professionalism

5. Avoid sitting crossed legged : sitting crossed legged or legs rested on a platform (unless medically needed) or with your shoes off is strictly a big NO for body language ettiquetes. Sitting in these positions make your back slouch which ultimately puts your body and mind in rest state and thats certainly something you wouldn't want while working. It definitely portrays a lazy and sluggish demeanour