5 Signs You are Stuck in the Wrong Job

1.       You Drag Yourself to Office: The early morning sunshine doesn’t seem exciting to you. You start your day with a unwilling body-language, don’t have your breakfast properly and literally drag yourself to office.

2.       You Dread Sitting on that Work-desk: The mere sight or a mention of the workdesk sends you shivers. You loathe sitting in that chair and working. There is nothing wrong with that chair but your attitude towards your work isn’t pleasant. High time, you reealised.

3.       You Often look Forward to Weekends: Fridays are the most joyous days for you. Its like almost an off for you as you don’t feel like working on that too. You already make plans for the weekend with your friends through the week, instead of concentrating on your work Mon-Thurs.

4.       You Don’t Mingle Much With Others at Office: Either you have colleagues or you have friends at office with whom you don’t talk work. They are only your friends because they can somehow accompany you to an outing. You don’t opening up much to your colleagues and keep your breaks small.

5.       You Often Miss Deadlines: No matter how hard or at least you try, you are never able to complete work on the deadline given. As a result, you are often seeing begging for some extension to submit work always.