5 Ways to Make Positive Impression in Meetings

1.       Dress Right: Right clothing can go a long way in creating that mark in meetings. Whether a client-meet or a conference, always dress smartly. You never how would a meeting turn out to be but you should look your best in order to portray a flourishing company image.

2.       Always go prepared: Always perform your homework before attending any meeting. The best time to do this is a night before, on the way or even while waiting for the meeting to happen. Jot down points to ask and consider at the meeting, this way they would retain in your mind longer and you would always have a ready-reference. Your preparedness could come handy in problem-solving, decision-making which are often parts of such meetings. Any suggestion from your part would make you a star of the meeting.

3.       Avoid any distractions: Act as you never owned a phone. Avoid using mobile-phone in meetings and even if required, keep it on silent always. Your only mode of reference should be a note-pad. Mobile-phone notes are only meant for grocery-shopping, not for meetings as it gives the impression of using phones for entertainment purposes and it often distracts you from the agenda of the meeting. Also avoid sitting close to some colleagues who are in a habit of talking or distracting in meetings.

4.       Think out of the box: Anything obvious would be always discussed first and on everyone’s mind. By taking the obvious as base, think on a parallel line which nobody could think of and don’t be afraid to say it, you never know what would click. Give your novel suggestion unhesitatingly and stand by it.

5.       Always Contribute: It is always better to contribute at meetings than say nothing at all. Even if you are accompanied by your senior or a colleague to meetings, do contribute. Weigh the pros and cons well-before, consider the USP of whatever you are dealing with and give an informed suggestion/contribution. Your suggestion could be valued as others are stuck in dealing with the problem and don’t often look at the bright-side.

By :

Guneet Kaur - Content Artist