5 Ways to Strengthen your Connection with Existing Customers

1. Provide what the Customer is not anticipating: Giving something which they already expect will make them satisfied but that is a routine now. Aim should be giving them something which they have not anticipated. For instance, addressing them with their full name would be a superior element. Remembering and mentioning the services they have acquired previously is a way to let them know that they are special.

2. Discuss feedbacks, accept complaints: Every week, conduct a half an hour session with employees. Discuss and analyze each and every feedback given by customers. This way, you will end up solving different issues, generate new ideas and work upon the suggestions.

3. Acknowledge and Appreciate: Sometimes, customers share a good piece of knowledge (can be industry specific) with employees while interacting. Never ignore that. Instead, acknowledge and appreciate them by expressing gratitude and convey that you plan to work on their suggestions in the future.  This will help you strengthen your bond with the costumers.

4. Greetings do wonders: Apart from wishing customers on their birthdays and anniversaries, it’s a good idea to wish them on their profession day. For instance, if you have customers who are doctors or teachers can be sent e-greetings conveying warm regards on Doctor’s Day and Teachers’ Day. This is just another way of making them feel special.

5. Waiting period/zone is your new time to build connection: Be it any sector or industry, no customer is ready for waiting period. Instead of letting the client or customer wait, employees can utilize this time to build the relationship by engaging them. Engaging customers with productive interaction by share some industry specific tips can be one good way of doing so. Else interact with them on sports, climate, books, travel and anything that interests them .It will surely help in building a trust and special bonding with your customer.


Manpreet Kaur

Head - Training Delivery

BroSis Services