5 Ways to Keep Yourself Fit while Working in Office

1.       Get that Water yourself: You always have a favorite runner in office that fetches you water whenever you need. Ditch that habit; don’t even carry a bottle if you want to stay fit. Just keep a glass handy at your desk and whenever you feel thirsty, get up and walk to the water cooler to fill it up. All that walking, bending would not only burn the office-calories but would keep you fit and going too.

2.       Stairs: The tried and tested formula to stay fit since long is using stairs to climb up and down the floors. But how many of us follow it? Start using stairs from today. Don’t aim to climb all the way to office. Just climb a floor the first day and then take the elevator. Try descending in the starting as it’s always easier than ascending. Gradually increase your foot-floors day by day and you won’t even know when you climbed those huge stairs. Try making best use of breaks by walking than just standing or sitting, take a colleague along.

3.       Stretch: Desk-jobs are the main culprits behind the never-ending neck and back pains. Always take short breaks and don’t sit at your desk for more than 40 minutes (medically proven) at a stretch. Walk around, tilt your head from left to right, up and down and even stretch your arms front and back. No need to be ashamed of doing this at work-place, instead gather all your colleagues together or make it a stretch-break interval norm at office.

4.      Elevate your legs: Leaving your legs hanging in sitting position often sores your legs when you get up from desk and even cause pain. This is because the blood-circulation becomes minimal when legs are kept in one position for long. Your hands are constantly moving while working but your legs aren’t. So move them a bit. Stretch your legs every 20 minutes (keep a small reminder in phone) while sitting, move them forward, sideways, get up and try standing on your toes for a few seconds. You’ll notice any leg-pain vanishing soon.

5.       Talk to your colleagues in person: Avoid picking that desk-phone when you want to talk to a colleague in the same building. Whenever possible, go walk up to him/her and say your word. This way you not only take a break for your tiring eyes and body, burn some calories walking and even get to see the expressions on your colleague’s face which are important for a conversation.


Guneet Kaur - Content Artist