Dress effectively and impressively for the office: 5 simple ways

1. Always keep the color in mind: Color coding is of utmost importance in office wear. Choose light, pastel or neutral shades. Colors like white, beige, grey, peach, light blue, dull shades of blue in plain-colored shirts for both men and women teamed with a darker shade of bottoms are what works best. These colors are not only soothing to the eyes but convey power-dressing in a work-atmosphere. Shades of red, bright pink, black, yellow and all bright shades should be avoided in strictly professional set-ups.

2. Stick to formals: Formal wear is best suited for workplace. A crisp shirt in the colors mentioned above teamed with well-ironed trousers makes a statement worth vouching for. It makes you look well-dressed and neat too. Formals have a sort of power attached to them, which makes you look authoritative and people would stop and listen to you. For women, a long-kurta with solid color bottom or a cotton saree in light colors is considered formal apart from shirts and trousers.

3. Neatly ironed: After choosing the color and style, make sure that your clothes are well-ironed. Nobody would like a representative in a crumpled shirt, which straight-away conveys laziness and irresponsibility. Chose fabrics that don’t crush easily and stay put for a number of hours. You could also plan to iron your office-clothes a night before using some starch-sprays to avoid the early-morning rush or getting them ironed from market on a weekly basis.

4. Accessorize right: Right accessories go a long way in enhancing your overall office-look. Like a watch is a must either for ladies or gentlemen to stay tuned with time while working and conveys the message of punctuality to others. Well-polished and clean footwear are a must too, as neat clothes and untidy footwear would demean the whole look in a fraction of a second. For ladies, small accessories in basic shapes and color in earrings and bangles can be discounted.

5. Posture: Above all, how you carry yourself matters a lot in the office atmosphere. Making foot-noise while walking, stooping forward, leaning towards a wall to get support, chewing with your mouth-open, always chewing something, talking loudly over the phone and other such habits that might seem harmless and regular may be annoying to others. They convey a sense of irresponsibility and non-adherence to office decorum.

Try correcting your habits and you would invite all the attention in no-time with all these super-simple steps.


Guneet Kaur - Content Artist